RR LCD Northeast 5, Winnipeg, MB R2C2Z2, CA


Recycled Shingle Depot


$60/Tonne (Minimum charge $20 including taxes)- Clean Load (garbage separated)

Instead of dropping off your shingles at the landfill, they can be dropped off at our facility to be processed and used on our Provincial and City roads.

Did you know?

If all the hot mix asphalt projects in Canada over the course of a year were to use just 5% recycled shingles in the mix, there could be a 90,000 ton reduction in

carbon dioxide emissions?


RAS - Recycled asphalt shingles

 Once we collect, sort, and process tear off and waste Asphalt Shingles we turn it into a new reusable product. The primary use is as an additive into HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt). We work together with Paving companies, Roofers, and Bin Companies to help promote, educate, and divert reuseable waste products from our landfills. We also help to lower the cost for the Paving companies by reducing the amount of virgin asphalt used in their mix and better yet they reduce their environmental footprint.   We continue to encourage both our city and province to use recycled shingles in their road renewal programs.  It's a win for both the tax payer and environment.